‚Pokemon Go‘ app – infographic (data usage/battery drain)

'Pokémon Go' app - infographic on data usage and battery drain Have you spotted people gathering around places and staring into their smartphones while being dressed as a yellow stuffed animal in the last days? There is a real hype going on in the press and social media, so you probably already know this is due to the 'Pokémon [...]

‚Pokemon Go‘ app – data usage and battery drain analyzed

'Pokemon Go' app - Data usage and battery drain analyzed Data Usage Some users of the recently released 'Pokemon Go' app have been claiming that the app drains their data plan quickly. P3 analyzed the 'Pokemon Go' app usage behaviour of over 200 smartphone owners and came to a different conclusion. The average app session [...]

EURO Championship 2016 – App Insights after Group Stage

Everybody knows what players do during a soccer match - well, they play soccer. But wouldn't it be interesting to know what fans do during the matches? Here are some insights about smartphone usage and mobile network performance for the recent Germany matches, compared to average weekdays ("reference days") before. Several thousand smartphone users from [...]

Mobile Network Performance during a U.S. Road Trip – A Personal Experience

Mobile Network Performance during a U.S. Road Trip - A Personal Experience Let’s face it; wireless performance really is personal. How many of us have selected a carrier based on vague coverage maps, only to learn that we can’t get a signal in our home office or receive an important email while multitasking [...]

Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Mother’s Day may have started in West Virginia in 1908, but it’s Mississippi moms who saw the biggest increase in wireless phone calls from family and friends on Mother’s Day 2016. And when it comes to gifts, Amazon.com racked up the most traffic from smartphones during the week leading up to the annual [...]

On the impact of data plans on YouTube usage

On the impact of data plans on YouTube usage In order to analyze the impact that different data plans have on the YouTube usage of smartphone users in mobile radio networks we looked on our crowdsourced data from our US panel. The study is based on the data of about 4000 users in Verizon, AT&T, [...]

RCR Wireless News Editor-In-Chief Dan Meyer interviews Dirk Bernhardt

RCR Wireless News Editor-In-Chief Dan Meyer interviews Dirk Bernhardt, CEO of P3 communications, Inc., at CCA's 2016 Mobile Carriers Show in Nashville, TN.  Hear about P3’s new revolutionary on-device measurement application and platform ‘U get’, that captures actual user perceived network performance and enables carriers to improve customer QoE.

LTE Start Turkey

P3 maps the LTE Launch in Turkey The evolution of mobile internet technologies has made tremendous progress in the last couple of years, especially with the introduction of the 4th generation technology (4G), LTE. Using LTE, bandwidths with far more than 100 Mbit/s are possible and users all over the world [...]

Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl 50 may have bin the most watched event in TV history, but many Americans were multitasking with smartphone in hand throughout the game. This P3 group study examines and compares the game day usage of more than 3,000 smartphone users across America on February 7, 2016 with the Sunday before.